E=mc2   which is famous equation by Sir Albert Einstein (14 March 1879- 18 April, 1955). This equation is not for only nuclear purpose but for our step towards god. He (Sir Albert Einstein) is really a being of super thinking. One thing which makes Sir Albert Einstein so unique that is his passion towards universe and God (one quantity). Our thinking is our mission and sir’s thinking is beyond eternal. Man who never see his image himself but in others. He always has a different thinking when all are in state of enjoy He works and when He enjoys with physics everyone laughs. When we look into His eyes there are lot of imagination fills in this eye. Really in He is a man with power of understanding. He is passionate and has dedication towards humanity, god and in science. He is curious about those things which is common but is hidden from all of us. Something is different from us (humans). What makes Him most consistent human which is his power of understanding towards himself.  Why he is legend because he is one of us but a hard worker. Sir Albert Einstein loves nature and its mystery from his childhood as his father gave him a compass and he had a magnet in his hand and this deflects compass needle which he thinks that there is some unknown forces in nature, we did not notice. Sometimes we think there are many Einstein in that time and they also think and analyze these things as he does. But this job was done by Sir Albert Einstein and he did this. He knows what humanity did their task in ancient time and this is the time when he wants to do everything for science and humanity. Sir Albert Einstein birth was only for a science and humanity as he is the one of the legend scientist and philosopher of all time. The era for all the scientists were at that time is golden they use their imagination to crack all the mysteries of universe we live.  We know many scientists who live their life as a servant of science. When the world is in change of their era then one man can change everything and this is done with perfectly. Sir Albert Einstein discovers relativity which can change our thinking related to space-time and also towards universe. This is not possible if he did not want to have any interest in this magnet which is father gave him during his work in his office. He has something which makes him most fascinating and this is his passion and humble towards science and also humanity in which humans need something special.  From his infancy days, he is curious about all the things which surround him and his father Hermann Einstein and his mother Pauline Koch Einstein also fascinated about his child thinking and behavior. He impresses his teachers also. Mathematics and Physics was his favorite subjects and others which is geography and languages subjects are not. He was very curious about nature’s mystery. He is always seeing this nature in a different way as other person does not see this nature as he sees. He knows how we are in a place of that world where everything related to this nature is hidden from us (humans). He is fascinating how this nature works. He studies mathematics and physics books and his uncle give him a book of trigonometry and he is fascinating about trigonometry. In 1890, he was able to prove the Pythagorean Theorem and he also solve difficult problems and puzzles. He is also a good violinist and also play good piano. In 1894, Sir Albert Einstein’s family moves to Italy. But he stays in Munich to finish his school.  In 1895, he tries to enroll in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich for two years. In 1896, at the age of 17, Sir Albert Einstein got his German citizenship. In 1899, Sir Albert Einstein applies for Swiss citizenship. Where, he spends his summer vacations with his mother and sister in Switzerland. And finally he graduate from federal Polytechnic Institute and he began a search for job which he finds in Europe.  From all these this man is not only a great scientist capability but has a great humor and sense how to look this universe and world in his mind. His presence of mind can not only make anyone to smile but make his presence as so beautiful to this humanity and nature.  In 1901, he becomes a citizen of Switzerland and at that time where he writes his first scientific paper “CONCLUSIONS DRWAN FROM THE PHENOMENONA OF CAPILLARITY” which was published on March. In January 1902, daughter Lieserl is born. His first child and the fact is that he never sees Lieserl. Albert Einstein at that time was in trouble with his personal life.  And at that time he gets job in patent office in Bern in 1903, Albert Einstein marries Mileva Maric. Frustration is in Albert Einstein’s life as his daughter Lieserl has a fever and her mother Mileva went to Budapest. In 1904, May 14, son Hans Albert is born and this year Albert Einstein becomes permanent provisional appointment in Patent Office.  In 1905, Albert Einstein “years of miracles” with respect to his scientific publications. April 30, submits his doctoral dissertation. On July 9, he gives a scientific paper on Heuristic Point of View concerning the production and Transformation of light. Which is a superb research to know the electromagnetic radiation interacts with matter which has a granular structure. This is also called Photo-electric Effect. In the same year he gives another scientific paper which is Brownian movement which leads this to the experiment of the kinetic-molecular theory of heat and also to the electrodynamics of moving bodies. His research makes him understand himself in a right way and give a chance of being self-dependent. In November 21, His paper contains the relation of E=mc2. In 1906, January 15, He receives doctorate from the University of Zurich and in March 10, he was promoted to the technical expert in patent office. In 1908, February, he became the lecturer of the University of Bern. Sister Maja became doctorate of in romance language also from University of Bern. In 1909, May 7, He appointed professor of theoretical physics at the University of Zurich but he resigns at his position in Swiss Patent office and the University of Bern. He receives his first doctorate degree at the age of 30, from the University of Geneva. In 1910, Sir Albert Einstein’s sister marries Paul Winteler. In July 28, second son Eduard is born. In the same year, October, He has his works on critical opalescence and the blue color of the sky, his last major work in classical statistical physics. But in 1911, he accepts an appointment as director of the institute of theoretical physics at the German university of Prague and in April 1 he resigns his position I university of Zurich and he decided to move to Prague. And in the same year, 29 October, he attends the first Solvay Congress in Brussels. In 1912, he reacquainted with his divorce cousin Elsa Lowenthal. In the same year he accepts his appointment of theoretical physics at the Eidgenossische  Technische Hochschule (ETH)  in Zurich and resigns his position in Prague. Then responsibility comes on Sir Albert Einstein and both of his sons Hans Albert and Eduard are baptized as orthodox Christians near Novi Sad, Hungary. In November, he elected to the Prussian Academy of Sciences and offered position in Berlin, Germany. His passion towards nature was just like a meeting of all consciousness contained in one single and vast self consciousness. He knows how to understand nature not by limited knowledge but with creative imagination. He died on 18 April 1955 but give this world and entire universe a proper and clear vision to understand nature.



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