My journey which looks difficult for me is stand in front of me as gigantic mountain. This journey is not only for traveling to me but for understanding the nature which I see in my various locations. Somewhere there is happiness and somewhere there is sorrow. But these two are the part of life similar as a single road is connected with double road as life is one (single road) and when we start journey there may be two roads in our way as they are joining with this single road which represents the happiness and sorrow.

My journey starts with a lot of joy and happiness. I was traveling to that place whose importance is more important than me. This place is creative and imaginative. In my way I feel too anxious about that place. I think what I am seeing today is my life’s most memorable journey. But what I see in my journey many people’s are without their homes as they are stayed in the shed of smaller part of gigantic mountains shelter. I think nature is present everywhere and also his mercy is everywhere but his creation which it (nature) creates is too hapless to help and understand these peoples.

After then before I saw these peoples I see a elegant creation of nature and that is rainbow and little drops of water falling from eternal world to show their mercy to his creatures and different colors are seen during this event. As there is something terrible, some birds lost their way to return home as weather looks not so good for anyone. Some birds lost their way to return their home and some died during this bad weather but at the same time same villagers feel happy as their fields where they plough for their rice and other things. How nature is different than we expected. Nature creates two paths and both are these are under laws of nature. But why nature behaves like this, these remain uncertain. And finally I reach my place without any hesitation. Hesitation is because, I feel too proud to understand the nature but at the same time I felt despair as these are two nature’s creation. I ask my friends and everyone to understand nature and its elegant mystery so one can understand the journey of tamed life. However, traveling assists one to interact with diverse name of nature but in real it is always uniform and unique.