We all know we are in that world where everything depend on electricity without it we cannot imagine the today’s world. But if we back to the century ago we see a man who lighting this whole world without him we can only a humans in backward caves where no one is able to discover or think in imaginative way. His name was Nikola Tesla, the inventor of modern electricity. He was born in Serbian family in 10 July 1856 in village Smiljan, Austrian Empire (today known as Croatia). His father Milutin Tesla was an Orthodox Priest and his mother was a talented and make a home craft tools   and had to memorize a epic poems.and is the inventor of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, futurist and physicist. He also known for his wireless communication technology (1893) which we will see in future hope everything will be fine at that time.

Nikola Tesla received his education in engineering and physics and also works on the telephony in 1880. Then he migrated to United States of America in 1884. He then worked with Thomas Edison but latterly was rejected by him (Thomas Edison). He was help by his partners financially so as to make his laboratories in New York City. Where, he had worked on Induction Motor, Alternating Current which makes him famous.