When no one understand what exactly electricity is then in a history of mankind one person changed the entire human’s thinking. He changed the thinking of the whole world with his creative and innovative ideas. Michael Faraday was born on 22 September 1791 in Newington Butts, London. He was one at that time who understands electricity clearly. He was known for combining the electricity and magnetism as a unique quantities and named electromagnetism and also electrochemistry. However, Michael Faraday received a little formal education. But his passion towards science especially electricity was his interesting topic. He researches on magnetic field around a conductor carrying direct current. He also discovered electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and law of electrolysis. He had also discovered Bunsen Flame which is used in Chemistry laboratory.

In his infancy days, he was forth out of the five children. His father James Faraday moved with his family and went to London where Michael Faraday was born and received his education that was his self education. At the age of 14 he worked in local bookbinder and bookseller in Bland fort Street. At the age of 20, he attended the lectures of Hamphry Davy at Royal Society and Royal Institution. Most of the tickets were brought to him by William Dance who was the founder of the Royal Society. Where Michael Faraday sent 300 pages book to the Royal Society and Davy appreciated his work. In 1813, Davy damaged his eyesight in an accident of Nitrogen Trichloride and appointed Faraday as his Assistant of the laboratory. At the same, one of the Royal Institution Assistant John Payne, who sacked and Hamphry Davy was asked for an appointment of new Assistant then after he assisted Michael Faraday as Chemical Assistant at Royal Institution.

Michael Faraday married Sarah Bernard in June 12, 1821, where both met through their families at Sandemanian Chruch. In June 1832, He was honor by the Oxford University in Doctor of Civil Law degree. He was awarded with the lifetime achievement and offered Knighthood for his services in science. He was offered twice to become a president of the Royal Society Member but he refuses. He honored with many prizes. In 1816 to 1818, on Christmas he delivered lectures at the philosophical society where he defines lectures in philosophical way rather than scientific way where he urged his audience to consider the mechanics to experiments. He said everyone know that ice floats on water, but why ice floats? Think on that and philosophie.

He was considered the greatest scientist in human history behind Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein himself had a picture frame on wall into his room. Yet he only know the algebra and had nothing know about Trigonometry but with the help of James Clerk Maxwell (who was well know for Mathematical Physics) his discoveries are accurate and forever. He died on 25 August 1867 but what he did with his creative mind remembers forever as his was/is/will the legend.