We do not know what will happen in future or what happened in past even we do not know what happens in present? We and every beings into this entire universe face a uncertain kind of entanglement. Entanglement introduces the two legend physicist Sir Neil Bohr and Sir Albert Einstein. Spooky action first given by Sir Albert Einstein. In his concept, he said if one consider a numbers on rolling circle as numbers are onto this circle i.e. in whole circle there is discrete small plates on which numbers are placed and once can roll this circle and wait until this rolling circle stops , one find the number on it. Then one may be his friend, brother or anyone living another place i.e. country, state or any where then his friend, brother or anyone also rolling circle then his friend, brother also find the same number onto this circle that is true. This action is called entanglement. Where some forces are hidden from everyone. Neil Bohr also had an entanglement concept where he said that one can give the gloves i.e. right hand glove and left hand glove is placed in other country then one can easily say that right glove is pick by him and other left glove is found on other place or say country. One cannot say that in other country one can find the right glove.

So, entanglement puzzling the physicist and also spooky action in which Sir Albert Einstein said that one can predict that when one is standing alone in a elegant night and moon is besides him the possibility is either moon is standing as it is or moves from one direction to another when one look behind and see moon, it remains stationary just as it is. Everything puzzling whole humanity as there is uncertain forces exist in nature. Quantum Mechanics sometimes realizes us the uncertainty as defined by Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. There is spooky action everywhere but one cannot observe this because one cannot have proper knowledge about quantum mechanics and smaller dimensions. One need to be more creative and passionate towards spooky action as this is a real concept of nature.


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