Something is mysterious and is invisible for everyone including conscious and unconscious beings. We see what we realize and what we understand in our limited mind. We observe that universe where matters and radiations have their dominance. But what if there exist other universe into our own universe.

Now days, physicists believe that kind of possibility exists. But we cannot analyse it because that kind of universe is invisible and cannot be seen with our naked eyes. As this universe exist in our own universe but at a microscopic scale. This is better to say “Max Planck’s Scale or Constant? Where he used a smaller scale of the atomic and sub atomic world. This case is also applicable to this universe which is in our own universe.
However, this universe is something imaginative rather than to take this practically. When we talk about many worlds we say infinity vanishes and other smaller infinities are taken place the term “Infinity” which is better to know “Aleph Null” formulated by Mathematician George Cantor. Which means aleph null can be consider being a “smaller infinity”. But when we think term “smaller infinity” vanishes somewhere answer is, no this term will go further as this cannot be vanish.
Where you cannot measure and observe anything. It seems there exist a mysterious force which cannot be observed and tough to say whether it exists or not. This force is eternal and its impact on that universe which is in our own universe is so strong that it can make it invisible. This force is just like a “One Unified Equation” which can tell everything about all kind of forces not one.

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