When we try to understand the entire universe and its laws, we all are upset as we are unable to find the path of universal laws and its principles. Sometimes it is difficult to predict the entire region of universe but our mind can go everywhere whether it is in Sun’s Core or enter into an eternal world. Mind travels faster than light as we predict and take our consciousness into that world which is hidden from all of us (physically) but not mentally as we are in a world of eternal where matters and radiations are passing through our internal light’s soul.

Everything is creative but presence of mind there create a big difference how we know and analyze the entire work of “Nothing” and “Everything” that seems like a difficult concept of creation. Mind is everywhere as mind is machine and consciousness is his fuel both accelerate every corners of universe and even enter into the world of “Nothing”. That represents consciousness is a creation of “Nothing” and mind is his power of imagination where it (mind) takes it (consciousness) to undefined and experimental space.