Are we heading for giant space where all matter, Are, living beings and other entities are living? We and all other entities are living in that kind of space which is not finite say fabric of space. But is also contain in another kind of state which is also space. We do not know exactly what kind of space that is but we are sure that we are not living in single state which means “single space”.

Our space is one of the infinite spaces where everything happen. Our space is cyclic and finite but not infinite. Because, everything created with certain kind of force which means something can compel to do this process for inflating our space.
There exists many spaces those importance is not only to exist but for creating a “self copied spaces”. In other words, that means “cyclic process” from where we start our journey we are again returned to that point from where we start. As, we cannot consider space to circular in shape or say rectangular, triangular in shape. If we stress on our mind and think why these spaces exist and why their existence produces life and non life creatures, we are in a world of doomsday where possibility of finding a small hope vanish.
What is the real meaning of space and is space creation is just a probability or a mystical creation, which seems like a “Space without any Space”? However, what is the final truth of nature which seems as there is not a final truth but a “Infinite Cyclic Reaction” which creates its copies of space. But, what then next?

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