es, we all are in a position to say god is electrical and is a being of super electrical powers. He has some mystical powers which make him most fabulous and unique being. He is a superb engineering whose work of engineering is an example that is this universe or we have many universes which these are His creations. Creations make everything more symmetric but some are ant symmetric which is an also a part of creation. His presence is omnipresence which He uses a method of teleportation which is a part of His engineering also. Yes, He discovers this but gave some method to all beings in this whole universe. He is special being as we are His innovative engineering. His work towards this universe and also His work towards consciousness is imagination for all beings. Why and where only our mind’s misconception and us humans are are also making our journey in a star point? When our mind says yes we have a lot of questioning to almighty god, we are ready even we do not think what we say to god. The mind sometimes wants our physical world to open the world of secrets but we all are in hands of mystical being, He only gave us a right to say we all are here not for questioning but for answering each other’s matter and nothing else. And our life is always busy with our matters which are in our day to day life. But if we spend the little time on this we can find at least our work of creation. This looks a difficult task but for our future generation, this is important that we all consider ourselves a time traveler rather than humans. We are just a part of the star which can ask us why we cannot question to this nature where we are and why we are? God is nature and nature is gods. God knows this universe engineering is made according to Him but His creation is very simple and elegant. There are many secrets of this universe that are present in it. God presents in everywhere even in the matter which has mass and particle which has mass and may not. But where this particle come from which has mass or not. Is it nothing or an absurd concept to solve in our genius DNA? For a better world, we have to make a better change, not in DNA but to know this “CODED DNA”. As this is a typical programming and codes are not decoded by this technology which is used in this present world. This is not so easy task by humans to find their final destiny but this is a little afforded to create any chance to travel like a wave. This wave is not so aggressive as our thinking is but this can make our life is in a right direction why in right direction as there is the wrong one also but our effect on life is always positive but sometimes feel in negative. But god does not do this as this is a part of nature which is infinitesimally small.
God has a supernatural power which He has used this for the universe and living beings. Maybe for others matter which means to control the matter and particles in a straight way. But the question arises where from He gets his supernatural powers and who gave Him such a mystical powers. This is fact He gets from someone as Energy has not such a concept that it give everyone a power of superb naturalists. Yes, this Energy is for beings and is suitable for beings but not for others.

If this energy is suitable for other beings then why they are not something like us mean why they are hidden from us. Only observe and interfere in our conversations. Yes it is true we all are a being of energy but that energy is separated by different types of energies as like the universe and god is. How we survive without god? Is it true or we having just a small fear of god as we are thinking like this as like opposition? For the sake of our existence, we are always having a question where the final end is. When we find there is no answer we feel as this is nothing but a question arises from our nature which is plausible for every human and another being also. Why our nature is only questioning and answering as we are heading for a big and giant fate. This looks as this is not a part of humanity to asking which fate we will choose but fate is for those who are a man of nature’s servant not a man of fake humanity. We are considering god as a legend engineer but He himself says where I am, then our (humans) existence is where otherwise here is no meaning of human’s existence but why. Is He not presents everywhere except this universe. This looks as He spreads his powerful tool which is energy to everywhere to understand the consciousness better and He also search for a new energy which is vast and infinite may be on papers.
Unique things can make our thinking different and we become a part of small thoughts having some kind of impurity. When we think on god we are always limit our thoughts as we know He is almighty and supernatural. But our fate always says us to become more rely on Him and we (humans) become hapless. We never want to know who He is. And from where His birth exits. Is in another supernatural dimension? But we have not understood ourselves and also do not want to know our creator. How we are behind the hidden mystery where the purpose of life is plausible and we have some plan to make and to create thinking which is beyond our this journey (life journey). As there will someone who is standing in a dark light and allows us to create thinking which is beyond for our brain purpose. All things are interrelated we know but in a work of huge experiment where species and the world have their different meanings become more difficult to solve.
God is nature and nature are the god which means both are relative we cannot say that who is first one. God is uncertain, is this? We have certain cases where we are confident that God and nature both are same, not different but the only case remain is why existence needs the creator?

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