Nature is struggling. Nature is hope. Nature is a creator. Nature is destroyer. But what exactly nature is? Mother does not tell a lie with his children. Nature itself designed in such manner that no one can exactly analyze what nature is. This is true that nature serves and protects all of us. But from which kind of entity, protects all living and non-living beings. Is nature creates the complex path for all beings (living and non-living) or some other entity do this?

Nature is like a giant ocean where we start from it has its beginning. This ocean is a complex type of engineering and is never be decoded. But if we travel along with its smaller waves created by nature then we have a blissful journey and nothing else. All beings only are the learner and what we learn is a beginning of everything and if we want to understand this mystery then our journey will be wasteful.
Why we cannot find the “real existence of nature”? The reason is everything we analyze and observe is an illusion and consciousness is also an illusion. If consciousness is an illusion then there is no place of physical world or body. Illusion does not mean we are not analyzing or see a real word but is another kind of entity in all the different kind of entities exists in giant nature.
Even if we find the drop of water into this ocean, we only know or understand about this small drop of water and further into this drop of water there is another drop and lead all of us into a world of uncertainty and there is no chance to understand the giant ocean which is nature. So, it is difficult to predict the giant ocean because no one can understand the small drop of water which always remain mysterious for everyone.

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