What we see in our world is just a physical experience,
There is no hope for anyone to observe a measurable universe,
Nothing is mystical in the world of certainty,
Where everyone feels to upset for creation of unknown destiny

Nature himself creates a creative creation,
Where everything remain in a hole of small waterfall,
Where no one enter into this small and uncertain water,
As there exist infinite forces that dominant on nature

Are both Creator and Protector different entity?
Where no one finds the exact cognitive related to nature’s mystery,
Creator always in doubt how one can protect the nature’s creation?
But Protector says, I remain in the world of uncertain space

Creator find the place of Protector,
Where He knows the possibility of probability,
He never feels that He is hapless to protect nature’s creation into a space of uncertain laws,
As He remains like a boundary for everyone to protect from uncertain laws and principles