What actual space is and why existence of space is so indispensable? Is space only an illusion or a absurd concept? Where nothing is cherished and where nothing is caring for uncertain laws. Is there anything beyond space and is there any time? Space itself is a mystery for anyone as it exists or not whether it has boundaries or has a certain structure everything seems as there are lots of uncertainties.  Even consciousness rely on space behavior how it behaves. In fact consciousness itself is a space structure where events occur. Space considered as a part of “Self Existence” where existence itself contends and there is no option for nature to manifests its creation and uncertain existence. We do not have unique space and its structure is uniform.  Uniformity explains the uniqueness of space and its structure as one can understand the flux of its uncertainty.

          Space Carriers are the best and elegant method to solve the problem of information whether into the space or outside the space as it behaves like a “Particles Carrying Information” and particles are synthesis to from a “Smaller Fields” Like a consciousness. Consciousness plays an important part in continuity of space where particles travel with their own structure. Structure of space is well defined and cannot be alter until solve the smaller dimensions. Medium of space can be altering without delaying the structure of continuity of space and its geometry. Geometry of space is uncertain and manifests the entanglement but something different as never expected. Entanglement is not only the fictional concept but its existence is real and this is based on the “Quantum Information” and also reveals some “Nothing” perception. Space and time (medium) both these two entities are one and this is plausible to have a different kind of states that are followed by these two entities. But why there is any need of space? Only for causing a event or having some kind of uncertainty. Space is what it never defines its state until one has to merge the verges as this looks like a difficult task. Even we do not understand what gravity is and how it works? Are there any kind of particles those stabilize particles stable the gravity’s particles? Particles are confined to their fixed state where “space particles” stretched the confined particles state that is their “field” so as to generate “field particles”. “Field Particles” create certain bounded boundaries where boundaries manifest the “Generating Particles”.

Sub Topic:

          But what is Generating Particles and how these behave in “Confined State”? Generating Particles confine their “Fields” so as to create a “Space Lines”. “Space Lines” create large amount of patterns where geometry is accurate and never tilt its velocity without any reference. Velocity of space particles depend on how particles utilize their internal momentum and stabilize their “Field” generated by “Space Particles”.”Space Particles” are nothing but a fabric of space itself and works like a “Confined State of force”. Forces of nature are many in forms and we only know about some of these forces with actual properties. Some forces are uncertain and some are imagine with their “Radioactive” sources.  Some forces are confined to their states and some are suffured everywhere into entire space. If there is object into the room (whose door is closed) and we estimate the object may be into the room then our perception towards room is also become indispensable and we are in a world of “Envisaging” if we know the object is in the room we become knowledgeable and assuming why this object is in the room then we forget the concept of room. There are many rooms so there exists many uncertainties whether it is undefined or defined with some laws and principles.

          However, one can alter the way of his/her thoughts by knowing the properties of tension and inertia by reducing the “Space Tension”. “Space Tension is not only stabilize the particles force but to generate the stable flux where particles balance their fields because of “Tension”.

          However, there are some points where “Tension” between the space and particles are unique and there left no other kind of particles left into the “space” as space itself is a cluster of particles where everything confined with some “Fields”. Every particles have their own field as these particles confined to these particles and geometrically these particles form another kind of “Fields” i.e “Particles Splitting Field”.