Clusters of particles seem to be involved in “Quantum Confined particles”. Where quantum particles are confined to the stable state of stabilize medium.  Quantum state of defined particles is on the basis of “Quantum Entanglement”.   Quantum Entanglement is not only binds the thoughts of one’s distance but not for immense space particles. Every particle manifests the behavior of the actual light’s particles. Light particles are nothing but a part of space particles where particles are confined into certain manner and nothing is from outside or say eternal world as everything into entire space does not attain the ultimate particles. Every particle existed without any cause, is this possible? As it seems like a uncertain and no one find the actual meaning of smaller particles. When we open the book of geometrical space there are various lines and codes that is a synthesis of geometrical codes. Even geometrical codes assist the “space lines” that create a different geometry yet to be unsolved. We talk about different types of geometry but still are receding with that kind of geometry which is behaving like a “Unique and in Uncertain Medium”. There exist infinite geometries as we know one of them. Geometry always manifests a different kind of geometry that is not visible for all of us and everyone but is found in entire space. Entire space needs something more energetic as this is a philosophical term in space creation. There is a deep creation of entire space as our visions are not find the “that kind of space which vibrates empty particles”. Space even contains some heavier types of particles and mass of these particles are larger than our total mass of the entire space (contains everything). Atoms are responsible for filling the empty space but what actually empty particles are. As “filing or covering something. Stuff of nature is different from its initial creation and every material into this entire space is relative. Space is relative with other kind of state, is this possible for space to  be consider as “state of gaseous form”? we know some forms of state but in real there exists many state as ye4t to be discovered and where imagination also feel too awkward. We know three types of states i.e. Solid, liquid and gaseous.  But is there any state beyond these, answer is yes? As entire space is a fourth property. Where one cannot predict its form, whether it is homogeneous or not. However, there are many properties of space and elementary particles as there is no end this is just like travelling a entire space. We are now restricted to “Quarks” an elementary particle into which proton and neutron placed and this quark is the new one particle and “Gluon” is the force that binds the interaction between the neutron and proton.

          We find the gravitons particles that what happened we forget the concept of “Gluons” as there exists another strong force? Gluons however produced certain kind of force or itself is a force, is it? Gluons and Gravitons both are different particles, is it or a synthesis of one giant particle? We observe particles in a smaller level of scale but cannot measure them in a higher scale but space itself is a particles it consists of cluster of particles. Clusters of particles are not rely on some kind of force but there are many other reasons so as to define a “cluster of particle”. Into a giant event there is a explosion and this explosion is only from two fundamental particles or have some other kind of fission. Fundamental particles are not split because their existence is more important than to transcend their energies with each other. Even space is creating with certain kind of materials and these materials are nothing but a “cluster of particles” due to their “alternating velocity”. Alternating velocity determines the visibility of “Clusters of particles” without having proper kind of “Stability”. Stability does not mean that every particles have their proper symmetry but represents how every particles follow the symmetry of space lines. Space lines somewhat creates a symmetry of every particles so as to order their stability. Space expands with its certain verges. Is this tru or not? Or what happens into space is only event and nothing come out from the verges and transcends the point limits. We consider “Nothing” exists if there is no stuff but is this possible for “empty space” to be filled with uncertain kind of particles but we deal with mathematical rather than philosophical. Mathematics assists the long term consistency of entire space as space itself contains a “space particles”. “But what actually space time is and how it works when one consider there exists “Nothing” and some uncertainties remain into darkness. Darkness is something like another kind of state as we are unable to find this state and this state is the fourth one. This seems our imagination also breaks down its rule without left everyone into “Unknown State”.  We are unable to know the fourth state of space that is beyond the thoughts of our Modern Physics and Mathematics. Yes mathematics assists to solve the mystery of space and universe but that kind of Mathematics is different than Modern Mathematics as one cannot consider “Universal Mathematics”.


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