“In this chapter-2 i will show the splitting walls that manifests the space structure.”

In previous chapter I defined the “Fields” but how these “Fields” behave in space lets have a look.
Let us consider a excerpt, suppose you have a box and you left this box empty then what is your statement that I (you) take a box and it (box) contains nothing in it as you considered but there is a structure of a box that is its length, height, width and even that time you have take this box so time also we considered. So, one thing is common that this box is left empty by you and you is responsible for its emptiness. If there is no one who left this box and this box has came into its existence itself with certain “Field” that is its geometry then what happens? This “Field” is responsible for its existence and that “Field” is generated by particles and particles create “Fields” then what is beyond this? One cannot attain the possibilities of space that is not true as space itself made with quantum mechanically as it (space) behaves like a “Splitting Walls”.

“Splitting Walls” it defines various contents in space from where space existence came from and why space contain matter (as this is genuine and common question) but some undefined laws proceed space to came into its existence. I will show how “Splitting Walls” that is space geometry works just like a confined state of rounded space and rays of light passes from this state and it splits into various dimensions.

This is just like a Sir Albert Einstein’s slice of bread where one can take space time in a single part and consider one (as we all know). I will show what is slice of bread i.e. space time in next chapter.


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