In this chapter-4, I will try my best to give a understanding about dimensions whether these are smaller or higher and also discuss briefly on dimensions.

Universal Mathematics is responsible for structure of space as space itself is a rounded ball where one can attached many smaller strings. As we consider every strings differently and why these strings exist and why there is any need of string lets have a look.
String Theory always talk about multiple dimensions where there are more than ten dimensions and hence we are only observing three dimension and one is time. But question arises why there are so many dimensions exist? Every dimensions exist simultaneously and appears at the same time but we cannot observe this due to some biological and some hidden realty of nature i.e. our world that is three dimensional including time. So, why this is difficult for every conscious beings to observe these hidden dimensions but as we also are a part of universe and space so we are also a creation of atoms and even smaller particles “Quarks” so these particles are easily create dimensions so as to generate new kind of particles and hence transform these into smaller and higher dimensions.
Hence these dimensions are responsible for space structure and its geometry but not for “Dark Space” that itself is a geometry and in my next chapter I will show how and why one cannot find these hidden dimensions and and why space needs dimension?


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