“In this chapter-3, we discuss how past, present and future exists simultaneously as said by Brian Greene (Physicist, Writer) and why it puzzles everyone.”

Past, Present and Future lies into single continuity of same cause where all these entities i.e., past, present and future exist simultaneously where objects are different but events are same at that time simultaneously.But there are many reasons where space itself exist like a riddle and puzzling pieces of “jumble game”.

As space considered to be single entity where past, present and future exists simultaneously and what happened beyond this? This one is a weird concept. But one imagines how space manifests its presence everywhere as everyone have their belief but space is not attainable, why because one do not know much about darkness of space and why darkness exist, this one puzzling the minds?

However, Space itself may be a medium where everything happens such as events and also cause but beyond this it is different and elegant what is beyond space. I say this why because I am sure space is not infinite and it has some parochial verges. There are limitless numbers exist as there are many reasons where numbers are responsible for creation that is “space darkness” and also questions arise into darkness why these numbers only create dark space, is this is a cause or any kind of mathematics that is not rely on any prime, odd, even, natural, irrational, rational, real numbers. In my next chapter I will discuss how space needs these numbers and why?


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