“In this chapter – 5 , I discuss how “Quantum Particles” behaves and questions why there is any need of these particles?”

I will discuss why dimensions need to be exist in quantum mechanically and also in “String Theory” that is vibrating every time just like a beats of music. Every beats manifest how vibrating strings jumping somewhere there is tough and somewhere there is crust that is elegantly vibrating and represents the behavior in “Quantum Mechanically”.

“Quantum Mechanics” not only describing the smaller world but manifests how one can understand the behavior in smaller world even smaller world fills with lots of curiosity and where behavior of particles are never stable.

But one question arise then why macroscopic world is stable, is this really a stable? The answer is no, world we look is not stable and what we see everywhere is an illusion not that kind of illusion where nothing is real but where everything is unstable but one cannot notice and ultimately believe on “World of Materialism”. Never consider this is philosophy but is a philosophy of particles and an illusion.

An illusion is not only for shattering the concept of “Quantum Mechanics” but illusion itself has a meaning that is not absurd and has liberty to exists everywhere even in “Quantum Particles”. One cannot say “Quantum Particles” give us the world of reality. This is not necessary as “Quantum Particles” also has various uncertainties where these “Quantum Particles” even do not know why these exist and why their behavior is noticeable for everyone and why we (quantum particles) exist and is there any need to be any existence of ours without relying on God’s dice? In next chapter I will discuss why “Quantum Particles” are associated with “Quantum Multiple Gods”?



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