“In this chapter-6, I discuss why uncertainty affects the entire universe and the “Quantum World?”

In “Quantum World” everything seems to be possible but yet this world is uncertain due to its instability and some mysterious force that exists in between every particles. As every particles have their own kind of “Field” and have their own “Force” that confirms their stability and these particles work properly.

But this is not yet under-stable why these particles are sometimes stable and sometimes unstable? Are these particles generate certain types of force so as to not working properly at that time or force is externally generate these particles?

The biggest mystery is “quantum world” and why quantum world creates life and some other forces where everything is in symmetry yet these particles are not in symmetry and however produces some uncertainties “As said by the Werner Heisenberg, one cannot determined the momentum and position of the particles simultaneously.” More  you precisely want to determine the momentum, less you know about position and more precisely you want to determine the position, less you know about momentum. But the fact is everything is universe is imaginative and creative where in case of “Black Holes” is this method applies?

Yes, in case of “Wormholes” where some virtual particles have some kind of transcendental work is possible but in case of “Black Holes” where gravity is so strong even nothing escapes (light also). So,  then for Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and what happens to both these particles “Gravity’s and some kind of particles” . Are these particles still creates uncertainty in black holes or synthesized with each other to unstable their momentum and hence position? In next chapter I will discuss how these particles behave with gravity’s particles?


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