“In this chapter-5, I discuss how one alters his concept regarding to space time and how one describes the relation between “quantum space?”

Space in fact has no reason to survive and has its indispensable journey unless creator has choice to do this. Whether we are not sure, is there need of creator and if so then is He playing with dice?

Quantum Level mechanics always suggest the microscopic world where everything is possible one can understand the standard model of universe and ultimately the standard model of space. We are still behind those particles that are structure the fundamental particles of space where one cannot understand why space exist and why its need is so indispensable especially in uncertain world? Sir Albert Einstein clarified the space time is a single entity instead of two and what he called “Space time” instead of Space and Time which was believed to be different entities in “Classical Mechanics” by Sir Issac Newton.

Today, we consider universe as a “Hologram” where what one’s task is left behind a picture and what he/she work in his entire life is a image left behind in “Holographic Universe”. Just like a “quantum world” where vibrations are responsible for many versions of a person as simultaneously he/she is everywhere like a vibrating particles.

However, there are simultaneous presence of sub atomic particles and hence manifest how these particles behave in “quantum level” and why “quantum world” exist without knowing the ultimate geometry of space?

Space is that kind of entity which contracts along with its particles and what will happen next is an uncertain space where possibilities are maximum but imagination becomes uncertain and we left for only hope that is “quantum space”. In next chapter I will discuss what is quantum space in brief?

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