Chapter –VII 
In this chapter-VII, I discuss how gravity’s particles are responsible for everything in entire universe and how curvature of space time exists?

We everyone know gravity is not responsible for light to be bent when pasing from sun’s field but it is mass of the sun that curves the structure of space so as to light bents and stars we actual observe is not at their original position but are in their apparent position that means light that comes from any star is bent towards curvature and this lead to stars misconception about its apparent position and actual position (original position). The curvature of space time is like a geometry where everything is defined already with simultaneous process where some Thermodynamics Laws are in uncertain world because there is no hope for “Standard Model of Space” still we are discovering the “Standard Model of Universe”. But some conceptions about universe and space are incredible and however creates different world may be you, me and everyone cannot imagine.
The reason is we observe light and its particle but we do not exactly know why light’s particle are so weak that they let down its speed in front of gravity’s particles? No, the answer is curvature of space do this as I mentioned earlier but yet again one question arises why space curvature so this as light also a part of space and light’s particles have better understanding to know how to dodge curvature of smaller fields of space? This is something like a “Games Programming” whether that is developed by someone or happens without any reason but better to avoid “Cause” because everything has a cause for existence.
In next chapter-VIII, I discuss about cause of space and some brief views on existence.

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