In this chapter-VI, I will discuss about “Quantum Space” and why this space can alters one’s perception about space? 

One thinks how this possible space needs inflation as space has no structure. This thought is common in every person’s mind and what he thinks become his curiosity regarding to space geometry. Space geometry manifests how space confined with its some limits and accelerates its stuff into entire universe. Space itself has meaning “To have something into it” means one has to understand it clearly and understands his simple and elegant geometry.

Geometry of space is not like a cluster of “lines “ where one only read these”Lines” instead of using its real geometry. As we know space is nothing but a event itself where every objects perform its action and whether one inflates or contract it allows everything. Neither it violates the concept of “Conservation Law” nor follow “Conservation Law”. It is something like a mirror where one creates different images but still mirror is one.

In “Quantum Space” I consider space a smaller and microscopic level field where one can imagine its verges and envisage its geometry as predict clearly. I consider space a part of smaller geometry where our existence is almost zero in observable space and even in universe. Just like universe space also inflates with its verges and has some undefined properties that will never meets our “Physics Law and Mathematics Principles”. I next chapter I will discuss why space exists and its importance also?


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