In this chapter, I discuss how one understands the “Mathematical and Physics laws” with using some different properties.

Is space follow the geometry of Mathematical and Physics Laws where probabilities are higher than our expectations? We know space geometry is not so simple as it looks as it looks like a black sheet of paper into where some kind of another black sheet where nothing is observable.

Space is like a fluctuating sheet where everything vibrates and hence produces “Gravitational Waves” as predicted by Sir Albert Einstein. These gravitational waves are nothing but a ripples in space just like a ripples in water when somebody throw a stone into the water. This is fact between every things including us (humans) we produce gravitational ripples due to stretching of space that is flexible according to Sir Albert Einstein. But we never notice these ripples.

The reason for our not noticing these ripples are these can be seen in larger bodies that is some kind of two large neutron stars while rotating with each other and produce gravitational wave as one can notice this and also see this very clearly.

Space inflates and vibrates without understanding its properties because space itself is flexible and hence it folds but where. Is there another stretchable space that assist our space geometry?

Geometry of space is different and flexibility of space is different because two cannot share their principles in one common place from where one finds some uncertain difficulty. We know only probability but cannot associate it with cause and why there is some kind of events happening even without any creator?

 In next chapter I will discuss why creator is indispensable for events and cause?

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