In this chapter-VIII, I will discuss about some uncertain forces in nature that are hidden from illusionist world.
I talk about “Higher Fields” in quantum particles and also talk about “Smaller Fields” of space in previous chapter- VII. This chapter is based on particles consciousness and how particles behave and why every particles acquires different properties?
Every particles have their own properties and associate with space particles as every particles contained with their own process and method. Particles are not stationary as we know they move from one medium to another but these mediums are nothing but space particles that assist other particles to travel. What we see or observe is wrong as everything into the entire universe moves with the help of space particles.

These space particles exist everywhere and profoundly find in every region of smaller fields where every particles can generate their higher stability. This process is all about the proper geometry of space where as every particles reach their maximum field generating system where they (particles) can extended their decay and hence manipulate for other medium. This is something like a particles traveling in “quantum tunneling” where every particles able to cross the barrier and hence transcend from one medium to another.
However, particles create their own field and hence generate their medium. These particles are travelling through ‘quantum tunneling” and they even share their geometrical information to each other. These information is nothing but a quantum tunneling and acquires more information from each other and hence there is consciousness between these particles. In next chapter I will describe why particles need “quantum tunneling”?

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