In this chapter-IX, I discuss about behavior of particles and their functioning towards their proper uncertainties and why these particles associate with right perception.”

In this chapter there is a geometrical information between particles and every particles have geometrical information whether it is light’s particles, gravity’s particles and any other particles.

In fact life is based on these particles and these particles behave like an uncertainty where probability to find these particles are sometimes difficult. But if we understand these particles we are able to understand these particles without knowing proper perception.

These particles accelerate without knowing their stability, is this? No, these particles understand their stability and hence know how to spinning their axis and also their direction with respect to their change in angular velocity. But no one notice why these do this as there is “consciousness” or “quantum information” and who come first both or one of the two came first? In other words what came first and why? This question never arises in “quantum mechanics” as this question leads us to the realm of “God” where He does not play with His dice” as said by Sir Albert Einstein. In Gods realm there exists time i.e. medium but behaves differently that means there exists various dimensions simultaneously and function step by step creating past, present and future simultaneously.
As there are infinite energy no He creates energy and all sources of energy but who creates Him and why God is necessary for another creation so as to choose a “quantum uncertain world” this is a question? In next chapter I will discuss about “Gods energy particles and that are associated with “axis of the particles and their behavior”.

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