In this chapter-IX , I discuss how if there is no creator and one can survive its life infinitely without creator. 

Yet this seems to be difficult task but I will try my best to explain this. First we know every particles have their own property and they know how to interact with each other and also communicate. But beyond these particles invention there is much more to be observe as there may be some kind of “lines” that creates the building block of universe and its space or it may be create with some undefined “black space” that has no particles and has no structure. Whatever readers think about this depend on their thoughts.

Beyond these particles it is hard to believe that something exists beyond this and may be there exists life beyond these particles whether it is quantum particles or higher dimensional particles. But there exists rhythms not life. What are these “Rhythms” and how these rhythms do? Rhythms form the contuinuity of undefined space where one observe only darkness. These rhythms presence are both in quantum level and in higher dimensional level and behaves something like a “musical nodes”. These rhythms produce strings and these strings produce music and this music produce sound and this sound produce explosion and this is responsible for empty space existence.

But explosion is without any kind of particles. Then question arises why this universe exist and particles we observe everywhere is just an illusion as there was no “Big Bang”, not any universe exists, not any stars exist.

So, why we observe only darkness everywhere that is space not “into space”. These rhythms as I mentioned above is not the end of the ultimate truth or reality but a basic building part of space invention. I next chapter, I will discuss how rhythms created and why these rhythms create such “Nodes”?

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