In this chapter-X, I discuss about “Quantum Particles” interaction with “Space Particles”.
In this chapter-X, I discuss on “axis of the particles and their behavior” and why particles associate with these kind of behavior?

“Quantum Particles” create such environment where one finds the actual definition of what axis of the particles are and how these axis behave with quantum information. Even quantum information exists in our brain’s neurons also, where one calculate each activity so quickly. But why these particles do this so as to communicate with each other so elegantly?
The reason is in “particles geometry”. Particles Geometry assists particles to communicate without having any bridge or wire and this can be done with the help of space particles (that is looking like black everywhere) and create invisible force that is invisible for us but not for these particles and hence generate bridge like structure not that bridge that we use in our day to day life but a quantum bridge like a “Lines” and creates uncertain geometry yet to be unsolved and produce force and then their (particles) flux generate with themselves and hence produce quantum information.
Yet this “Line” is disappearing form “quantum level” because “space particles” never allow these “Lines” to be present in between particles longer or shorter distance. But from this there is another question arises why these space particles creates this bridge as they also are conscious answer is yes and but why I will discuss in next chapter?

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