In this chapter, I discuss how these rhythms looks like and how these behave in another “Space”.

Space that we see i..e black and one cannot observe its verges and its behavior. Why this happens as we cannot observe the property of space?
This is because we never analyzes the “Number Series”. Space in fact rely on numbers realm and manipulates. “Number series” operates space and manipulates it with “Rhythms”.

These “Number Series” are odd, even, prime (cooperate with this number I mentioned something new in next chapter-XI), irrational, and rational numbers. But number series never end only these few series. There exists lots of particles that manifest the number series.

What I tell now will criticize me and you readers also criticizing me that is every particles have their own geometry as we know and every particles have different “number series” which means if there are infinite particles then there are infinite “number series” and then what place for “God” to manifests His realm. “God” never wants to know His realm but He creates that thing which cannot be done by anyone in the history of space and no one can do this.

Everything into this entire space is just a beginning and what beginning does it only creates numbers those are hidden from material worlds so as to shattered their realm. I next chapter, I will discuss how “Number Series” generate “Space Particles”?


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