In this chapter-XI, I discuss why these particles have consciousness and why these create “virtual particles” in empty space?
In this chapter-XI, I discuss about some aspects about conscious particles as these particles behave like some kind of other language or better to say uncertain life.

These particles show how consciousness is more important than particles existence. As “consciousness is more important than existence”. When any thing is conscious it would be able to perform his actions or realizes, observe reality or an illusion. No matter what it observe.

But these particles that exist into entire space creating a bridge. This bridge is itself a consciousness and produce some “lower field of particles” i.e. “sub particles”.
These sub particles generated from “Higher Field Particles” and then these sub particles also split into another type of particles that is “conscious particles” and then again split into “space particles” and so on just like a “Infinite Series” (if exists).
One cannot draw this diagram but can imagine because empty space also carries “virtual particles” then what for these “virtual particles”. Are these particles only manifesting their creativity or just stand like a uncertain particles those particles who never know reality and what reality is? Is there any kind of regenerating particles so as to generate sub-virtual particles? I next chapter, I will discuss about why “Virtual Particles” are indispensable for nature?

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