In this chapter-XI, I discuss about “Energy Levels” and “Fields” that are responsible for “empty space” that is not empty.

In this chapter-XI, I discuss about some important points towards the uncertain “Space Particles”.

“Space Particles” however generated by the “Number Series” as every number series manifest the series of various types of numbers. As every number have its own property whether it is uncertain or certain.

First we discuss about “Space Particles” aspects why space particles are so indispensable for filling the unfilled states. These “Unfilled States” are nothing that space where particles have maximum stability and hence shows their higher intensity but unfortunately have lesser energy level so as to create “Field” like this i.e. empty space. These “Fields” are so strong that produces “Virtuals Particles” and create different kind of “Fields”.

These “Fields” get more stronger and stronger until virtual particles break this “Fields” due to its lesser “Energy Level”.These “Virtual Particles have higher “Energy Level” and hence generate more particles that fill the “Unfilled State”. But these “Unfilled States” cannot have much space to enter the maximum particles those reside into this unfilled state. Why these particles do this we will discuss in next chapter.


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