In this chapter-XII, I discuss why “Virtual Particles” are so indispensable for entire universe and also for space that we considered “Empty Space”?

“Empty Space” seems like a absurd concept and hence no one want to believe on such “emptiness” and therefore cannot produce any structural geometry. For “Virtual Particles” it is not easy for these (virtual) particles to sustain their filling state. But why these “virtuals particles” need to fill the unfilled state of space that considered to be empty. From this concept we talk about “Different Kind of Particles” i.e. “Virtuals Particles” not what is actual meaning of emptiness and why there is so much fluctuations in “Dark Space” which seems to be nothing everywhere?
The reason is we even do not know what exactly space is and why its existence is so important in uncertain forces of nature. First we need to understand what exactly space is and how it behaves in “Itself” creation or “External” creation? This space is not complicated with “virtual particles” because we are travelers and travel along with its certain fixed medium where one only reach some new and creative destination and no where else.
However, “virtual particles” is not the end of the ultimate space history or “quantum foam” also. These kind of particles or waves like particles never confined the space geometry as space is “confined” i.e. “Static” and never inflates like a universe inflation. “Quantum Foam” exists where there is some unfilled states or it itself is a geometry of space that seems to be absurd.
What we find is only past existence and what past existence tells us its unfortunate and uncertain creation whether that creation was undefined or without any laws. In next chapter, I will discuss why everything exist like geometrical and consciousness behavior?

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