In this chapter-XII, I discuss why particles are so indispensable for creating “conscious environment” and why these particles are everywhere, is there any reasosn and cause for these particles to sustain their existence and hence inflates into “Confined Chamber”?


“Confined Chambers”are something like “static chamber” where there is no inflation and hence this chamber remains stationary but revolves with its own axis just like planets and other stars do but in this case this is without revolving anything. In that case there are more possibilities that space geometry is sometimes changing and sometimes unchanging depends on stuff inside it and what it describes i.e. space geometry is only its stability and its flow of electrical charges that surrounds the entire space geometry.  These electrical particles generate enough  source of energy that included with the space “confined chambers” and entire energy creates with its limited and fixed value where one cannot determines the actual boundaries of space which is revolving around itself.


However, these “electrical particles” generate enormous energy so as to stabilize the whole “confined chamber”. But for particles , every particles in entire space create some different properties and hence never violates the “confined chamber” laws. But where this “confined chamber” exist and where electrical particles synthesize to form these unimaginable properties of every particles this is some uncertainty and hence probability also? I considered this “Probable space” that sometimes visible and sometimes but why this happens, I will discuss in  next chapter-XIII.


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