Chapter- XIII

In this chapter-XIII, I discuss about some key aspects of geometrical and consciousness behavior of nature.

“Geometrical Behavior” of space is always a key factor in representing how space behaves into. I use the term “into” that means space is not limited as there are many spaces where entire creation is confined and this is something like a fluctuating entities that produces vibrations and however creates some bigger regions in between every spaces.

The difference in between every spaces does not mean there is some kind of another space but there exists uncertain forces in between all spaces.

However, alignment of each space is like a concentric and follows each other paths and also the properties of each other’s geometry. But geometry of each space is not same and hence has some different properties.

Where consciousness represents how each space carries maximum force and forces are sometimes visible and invisible but stabilize every spaces but geometry is where, is there any existence of some bigger space where all these spaces exist? Is there any kind of mystical force that inflates other space i.e. bigger or always a static but sometimes visible and sometimes invisible? I next chapter, I will discuss where these spaces exist and why and who creates these spaces?






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