In this chapter-XIII, I discuss on “Uncertainty Principle” and relate it with “Space Particles”.

In this chapter-XIII, I discuss on “Probable Space” yet this concept is entirely based on philosophy but defines the some key aspects about space and hence this concept is associated with “Space Probability”. This concept even fails in theoretical formation of philosophy. The reason is probability justifies many things in entire universe but for space it is something like a weird concept and one never rely what will happen on other side of that “probability” where space is moving with its enormous velocity.

Even one cannot find that kind of velocity because there exists “Time Dilation” between observer and space and even for universe. But it never accelerates or inflates. Space is different kind of entity where “space particles” are responsible for carrying some uncertain particles. These uncertain particles are nothing but a creation from “space particles” and hence it is possible to understand what is space and find its uncertainty.

However, in “Werner Heisenberg” Uncertainty Principle where he described it is not possible for observer to measure both the momentum and position of the particle simultaneously. If one determines velocity he / she will unable to find momentum and if one determines the momentum he / she will unable to determine velocity. Uncertainty occurs due to some unsatisfactory results. But uncertainty can be determined if one understands how space treats with every particles that never stabilize themselves. In next chapter, I will discuss how “Uncertain Particles” are responsible for undetermined results.


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