In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on “Creator” and is there any need of individual creator for individual space?

In this chapter-XIV, I discuss why there is any need of spaces and who creates these spaces?
In all these previous chapters there is one similarity that is who creates everything and who is responsible for space creation and why? We emphasis on some aspects that are responsible for everything not a “theory of everything” but understand like a learner. We know everything is not the end of the anything and one has to understand like a small particles that exists everywhere as this does not mean these particles are create infinite journey but travels like a traveler.
Our motive is not to attain everything like a mountaineer but understand nature’s laws that itself is a “Giant Law” and also understand these laws clearly so as to know about the “mystic dice” played by nature. However, space that we all observe is like a confined ball where entire stuff confined with its limit even light’s particles also. One imagine there exists “Infinite Universes” (i.e. parallel universes) and there exists many dimensions in each universes and some dimensions are the portal for these universes so as to enter into these universes. Our thoughts stop when we think about darkness i.e. “Black Space” and what after this we are unable to think about its weakness or strength. Sometimes creator is the best option for our mind who creates everything (May be everything) because darkness never defeat a ray of hope that is hope of light. There are “Infinite Spaces” that manifest the each creator in each space, this seems like an uncertain and weird concept but laws are different everywhere even “Creator” resides where there is individual space for His existence.

Everything and Nothing both these two words are unattainable and never attainable but one understand like a traveler and as a learner in his entire life.

–Not The End–

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