In this chapter-XIV, I discuss on “Uncertainty Principle” and why this principle is so uncertain that no one find the exact definition of this principle. This principles describes how particles are uncertain whether it is wave also.


But this principle applies for microscopic world, not for macroscopic world. Every particles in this entire universe are uncertain whether these particles are in form of wave or as a light’s particles.  Uncertainty happens like a complex geometry of space. Uncertainty does not mean “instability of particles” but our “quantum sense” cannot measure this and ultimately one cannot determine the particle’s velocity and position. This is not accurate for us but is more accurate for every particles those interact with each other. There are so many reasons that assists the “quantum behavior of these particles”.


Uncertainty arise when very small particles travel through medium and hence one is unable to determine its velocity and position. Yes, one will able to determine velocity at one time but not position at that time and similar for determining the position but unable to determine velocity. Only need for this principle is for “Microscopic world” not for “”Macroscopic world”. But question arises, if we determine the velocity and position of the particle simultaneously then what will happen? Can we able to understand the chaos theory of light’s particles or we are able to find the exact and creative definition of light’s velocity until one finds his opinion on “Particles into Black Holes”? I mentioned the term “Black Hole” that means gravity is sufficient for causing the particles real certainty and hence determine the lowest possibility of particles.

Is there something that hides the real nature of “uncertainty” and consider this principle as a “universal and accurate”? In next chapter, I will discuss about the “gravity’s particles” and their interaction with some weird uncertainty.


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