In this chapter-XV, I discuss about the “Gravity’s Particles” and hence their interaction with the some kind of weird uncertain particles. As we know “Uncertainty Principle” applies on microscopic world and one cannot determine particles position and velocity simultaneously. But in this chapter, this uncertainty really happens in some stronger region in space such as “Black Holes”, “Wormholes”, White Holes”, “Quantum Fluctuations”?  This creates some difference between uncertainty and its actual meaning.


Gravity’s particles that have stronger field create stronger impact in space and particles that exists at that time are “microscopic” then these particles come in contact with gravity’s particles (that is space itself) and these particles (that is other particles) synthesize with gravity’s particles and what will happen (only a excerpt). One says that other particles slow down their velocity but at that same time are these particles also slow down their position? Yes, of course these particles are able to do this and hence produce some “Low space field” where these particles are able to slow down their position as well as velocity. This case exists also in “Uncertainty Principle” but question is at that point when particle accelerates its velocity and hence at that time it alters its position then this is difficult for us to determine this process. But in case of “stronger field of gravity” what will happen? Is this particle survive for some time to extends its own created field or associate with the space particles so as to create some uncertainties.


This means  “space particles”  are responsible for uncertainty and one has to understand “space particles” to understand the particles presence simultaneously. This assists us to open the doors of “quantum uncertainty” and develop a better quantum world. In next chapter, I will discuss about “space particles” and its aspects on uncertainty.


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