In this chapter-XVIII, I discuss on “Fabric Space” and some regions into it and why lower and higher dimensions are responsible for “Fabric Space”?
In this chapter-XVIII, I will discuss why fabric of space is so weird and complex?

“Fabric Space” is a complex in structural form. As one may or may not be determine its structure and hence indulge in its uncertain creation. Confined space is a static and static space always produces some undefined particles that are responsible for space structure. This does not mean space is holographic and there are three or five dimensional regions into space. There are lots of smaller regions exist into space whether these regions are multiple in regions and somewhere these regions are in limit and hence some defined numbers exist into every regions.

Every region create something different and chaos structure as some regions are filled with higher dimensions and some are created with lower dimensions but when higher and lower dimensions collide simultaneously and produce some unknown region of space where fabric is complex in structure. If we zoom out entire region of space one sees only numbering series of “Space” where entire region of space is created with “Number Series” but one cannot defined or observe its measurement because distance between observer and verges of space is so long as one has forcefully to observe smaller dimensions of space regions.

But why one has to determine its smaller region instead of higher regions, I will discuss in next chapter?


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