In this chapter-XIX, I will discuss the smaller and higher regions into space and why these regions create different kind of levels into space and how these levels behave when interact with some undefined particles such as “space particles”?

Regions into space are of two types: one is lower Regions and other is Higher Region where these two kind of regions found everywhere in entire universe, and also into space. Space seems to be “Nothing” where “events” happen with some probability and hence determine the possibility of various kind of regions exist into it (space).

Lower regions always create lesser number of particles and hence are uncertain. While higher regions are in large in number that are particles and hence are certain. There are so many ways where probability occur and produce synthesize of nature’s mysterious forces. Where some force are certain while some are uncertain. As these regions create bigger difference in between space and its fabricated structure, may be fabricated.

Even “space particles” are responsible for uncertainty because from these regions we have uncertain kind of space where particles gathered together and generate mixture of uncertainty as every particles have their flux and hence follow the conservation law. Geometry of these particles is accurate but still uncertainty happens, why? The reason is more accurate the geometry will be, less possibility of particles to come up with certain definition and manifest their exactness just like to deprive something. If geometry is not accurate this means space is unstable and the accuracy to find these particles are easy and there will be no uncertainty. In next chapter, I will discuss why uncertainty happens in undefined space?


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