In this chapter-XX, I will discuss why uncertainty is necessary for every thing into entire space and universe and is there any cause for particles to generate uncertainty?

First of all, is uncertainty is a part of space geometry? Is uncertainty revere the conservation law in undefined space geometry? Are particles residing their structure in some other dimensional region where each particles create their sub-image easily?

Particles sometimes behave like a sub-image particle where they divide their structure with “space particles” and  hence create frame like structure.

Where they easily find the dimension structure so as to travel from one medium to another. Mediums are the best way for each particles where they creates individual geometrical structure while traveling from one medium to another and hence there is a new kind of geometry that is “Propositional and Chain Geometry”. This kind of geometry assists these particles to survive for a longer time (whether they annihilates or not) this geometry defines their actual and defined region into space. But reincarnation of these particles is necessary or not and why these particles annihilates and where all particles go when they annihilate, I will discuss in next chapter?


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