In this chapter-XXI, I will discuss why particles annihilate and why annihilation is necessary even there is no end?

Are particles create the ending boundaries of universe and space? Are there some other kinds of particles those are responsible for creating something weird and uncertain law of forces in nature? Is nature we all expecting and loving is something uncertain pattern that never ends in a dark doughnut? There are lots of question arise when one talk about nature and connect it with spirituality.

Particles are the basic building part of universe and even space. Without particles what one expect? Have you any answer of this question? Even we imagine we cannot create such kind of field where something is beyond these particles as our history and story will come back us to that point again. Particles annihilate and then appears and sometimes these particles are in a world of uncertainty and invisibility. This is something like a space of mystical fabric covers it and where particles are never destroys and hence attached to this space and detached from universe and somewhere in space and we find something philosophical behavior.

Each particles are able to understand and communicating with each other and hence are producing some different kind of “Fields” also a part of these particles but are yet to be discovered because each particles have their levels and there exists many particles that annihilate but from this annihilation they create some different kind of particles. Their annihilation is necessary because of the lower regions of space where “filled particles “ generate something new and fresh. In next chapter, I will discuss on particles necessary existence and their manipulating source for entire nature.


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