In this chapter-XXII, I will discuss some theoretical aspects of particles and their weird concept.

In this chapter-XXI, I will discuss on particles and why particles existence are so indispensable?

Particles are the basic need for “unfilled space” to manipulate the entire universe and hence space. Space particles are the best excerpt for considering the existence of particles. Beyond these particles what we expect, is there a end of imagination or some different kind of uncertainty awaits there? Is there something that manifests the general laws of space where space separated itself from some other entity?

Space particles are those particles that are creating some weird concept and where some probabilities can be defined under some “infinity” concept. As “infinity” urges for its end but unable to find that shine where everything illuminates as you say where everything exists without any proper geometry and one has to perform a different task. Where one has to understand what exactly space is and why particles are indispensable for stakes of invincible journey of everything.

Even if you bound everything into a singularity you will still left with something that most of us consider “Nothing” as nothing is everything. This is a part of theoretical behavior of space where space needs to me more curious and creative so beings are conscious to know about particles and their behavior into space and may be “space particles” itself.

We treatise various concepts but we left only with one singular point or creation of infinity where we are curious otherwise this will be difficult for conscious beings to be curious and passionate. In next chapter, I will discuss philosophy of space and treatise on its brief history.


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