In this chapter-XXIV, I will discuss about “Philosophical behavior of Space.

In this chapter-XXIV, I will discuss about “Philosophical behavior of Space.In this chapter-XXIV, I will discuss why we call space a “Ether” or any other kind of untouchable entity?

Philosophical space is that kind of space that seems to be very terrible and hence creates some different kind of “Fields” and where each “Fields” depend on some weird kind of particles that are almost hidden from medium but their existence are merely a elegant path for each “Fields”. Philosophical space is that space where one wants to attain the “dark space but never achieve this due to some chaos forces and hence determines the incredible velocity that itself helps light’s particles to travel from one medium to another and that medium is nothing but a certain kind of “Fields” that create that kind of medium.

However, each medium defines the actual path of nature and that nature is not oppressive but manifests a lot of uncertainty where one has to find the actual definition of particles and hence create different empirical journey of nature. Where everything seems to be different, where everything seems to be elegant but yet uncertain and one is looking for a chaos journey. I next chapter, I will discuss about the behavior of “Space” in mathematical terms.