In this chapter-XXV, I will discuss about the behavior of space and why it has connection with mathematics?

Space however, is a part of mathematical behavior of some weird geometry where symmetry is always uncertain that kind of symmetry is find in some uncertain particles and these particles are something chaos and hence have unstable flux. This kind of flux is something different and hence is responsible for creating some uncertain forces where these forces are nevertheless rejoice their creation and these particles always remain uncertain.

Each particles are uncertain and in chaos where these particles remain in the hidden part of nature. Where one needs to understand the real part of nature and hence determines the best part of nature where everything hide in its womb and where mathematical equations become so strong.Time for space is always a challenge and there is no way to determine its structure because structure  always remain hidden due to some complex mathematical numbers. But can we able to imagine the different kind of numbers rather than prescribed one (i.e. natural, whole, irrational, rational, complex, real and many other numbers)? Is there exists anything beyond these numbers  so as to define a proper geometry of space as space itself is a geometry? In next chapter, I will discuss why these geometries are so indispensable?


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