In this chapter-XXVII, I will discuss why there is any need of creator and why there exists space?

As we know there exists some kind of force that compels everything to survive for starvation or survive after life. But what is that force and why this force do this?
We know this force is nothing but a “Universal Universe” that means every universe needs someone who itself start itself whether this is “Universal” or “Bounded”. Universal things do not mean something is hidden but it actual meaning exists in “One Unique Force” But yet this force is not singular or individual as there are lots of forces exist and what one has to do is to demolish and create every force without any hindrance so as to leave lot of questioning for next generation. Life start with its initial creation where something is hidden but one cannot rejected the actual force that is not individual but that exist everywhere. But question arises why this particular force exists everywhere as this force is one or say singular?

Reason is this force is a combination of entire singular world.
There is someone who determines the actual laws of this universe and hence determines all forces in nature where everything is mystic and chaotic. Space itself creates some kind of confusion where creation is possible but where and why do not know exactly?

In next chapter, I will discuss why space is so necessary for chaos space?