In this chapter-XXVIII, I will discuss why space is necessary for chaos space where there does not exist only individual space but there exist infinite spaces with smaller dimensions and smaller infinities?

Space is a transformation of some individual “uncertain particles” that relates everything to the undefined structure of space and hence there is no probability to define the elegant and complex space. Space itself is a question where questions are not transform from one medium to another but creates certain “Fields” as I said in my previous chapters. “Fields” are respectively define in terms of “Circulate particles”. These particles behave like to circulate some different kind of forces that enables these particles to accelerates some mysterious particles that use their own kind of “Fields”. However, these particles accelerate with their own particular “Fields”.

These “Fields” create some other kind of “Field” that present everywhere, where everything behave like a chaotic forces and one never find and attain these. Where every force suffuses everywhere into entire medium and what these mediums do only create some mystic and different “Fields” that is beyond our concept and hence there is something that is not attainable at the present moment. There exists many spaces with infinite forces so as to generate a “Gravity Like Fields” where this is possible to think about uncreated and undefined journey of space. In next chapter, I will discuss where space exists if it is not attainable?


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