In this chapter-XXIX, I will discuss about why space creates some kind of chaotic forces and why one cannot attain the space legacy.

Space itself is a mystery as we all know. Is there nothing behind the dark space or it is just like a hologram, but where? Are we heading for something weird and undefined world? Space itself is a mystery not it only manifests an uncertain forces or symmetry but it manifests how one understand the unknown question without answering.

What space is, and what its function is always rendered something into unknown world where conscious beings left only with chaos question, why space exists and who is interested to define its verges? Where one cannot predict the accurate journey of space, where one cannot observe the real destiny of space even one finds the accurate experiment of observable universe. Even “creator” needs something that assists Him to enlightens everything so dark space always compel everyone to think what you draw on it just like a painter paints a magical wand onto his painting paper whether it is blank or fills with some picturization.

Space legacy is something like a uncreated destiny where nothing seems to be envisage, where nothing seems to be created or destroyed but our laws are still confined with these concepts and we are behind that kind of force whose importance is undefined and uncreated but yet to be questioning and answering is still waiting. I next chapter, I will discuss about “space particles” journey with unknown and undefined journey.


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