In this chapter-XXXI, I will discuss why laws and principles confined some complex mathematics of space and why every principles and laws are different than “Individual Spaces”?

Is space creates dimensions so as to generate some different kind of “dimension” where it is possible for universe to come into its existence or this is better to say universe itself come into his existence when something happens is always uncertain and what one needs to understand the basic part of universe mystery so as to create something different and chaos.

Universe sometimes behaves like an uncertainty and sometimes it behaves like a source of energy, and sometimes it behaves like a inflation where universe wants to expands its verges so as to break the laws of space. Whether that space is confined or never exists (not a current topic) but it depends on how much uncertainty universe has and how much intensity it bears when tackle with its own uncertainty depends on where its creation occur whether outside the eternal space or never existed space.

There are many causes and reasons for universe to remain in a shell of confined box that is space itself and where space itself exist is a question and why eternal world is just like a hoax into smaller regions of space this is a interesting question? In next chapter, I will discuss why space needs some other “Event” like space?


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