In this chapter-XXXII, I discuss why “Events” are necessary for space and why space needs “Events”?

As we know events occur where there exists and where there exists nothing we stop our thoughts and think why space needs some other kind of space?
Space itself is a event where it creates uncertain laws and principles but it is yet to be attain because space really exist but our illusionist senses confined our thoughts. Sometimes we are in a chaos world where nothing seems to be real and what we observe is just an illusion and what illusion is a delusion of our senses.

Somewhere in space there exist lot of portals that is smaller regions or say dimensions where these dimensions lead one into a world of uncertainties and where there are uncertainties there exist some chaos and undefined principles that always generate differ momentum and velocity of particles and hence space behaves like a “Invisible Force”.

Space however, is a force that contains only particles and these particles also have events and these events always balance their flux as well as their rotating motion due to restrict the inflation of space not from outside but from internally. I next chapter, I will discuss space is not attainable from outside as it never be attainable.


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