In this chapter-XXXIII, I discuss Is there anything exist beyond eternal space?

What if space is void beyond eternal space and what if space is not holographic but a coordinates of some weird geometry? One has to understand what if space only inflates internally not externally and space itself is a event as I mentioned in my previous chapter. Space is not entity but a part of another kind of state that is beyond Solid, Liquid and Gases and is there something beyond space where nothing exists or say nothing resides into the womb of space?

Nothing is only a misconception as one cannot say that “Void” exists beyond the eternal space as there is nothing for any kind for state. We only know three kinds of state and fourth one is “Ether” that itself represents the space where everything occur and where events happen, but why? This leads us to the world beyond imagination and where imagination creates various new and fresh concepts.

No one ever knows where end is because end is always superior than creation. One has to create new thing before one has to demolish it. This is just like a chaos where everyone surrenders and search for real life not that kind of life where boundness is so much. I next chapter, I will discuss why there is no end of space?


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