In this chapter-XXXIV,I discuss why there is no end of space and is there beginning necessary for space?

When we think about space creation and its destruction we are in trouble we think what if this thing happened or what that thing will happen? But still we are confused with our primary goal that is why there is any need of space and why space needs another space?Is there any other kind of space that squeeze its internal structure? Yet we are uncertain but this is sure space is not alone as it is infinite and what ever we called it “Ether” that kind of medium where light, electromagnetic waves and other kind of things pass through from it.
“Ether” however, is a complex and typical concept as there is no medium to describe it elegantly because it is something like that kind of object that one want to attain this as one even can see this and yet feel this but cannot touch or understands it. Some said entire universe is a holographic where everything exist simultaneously and some said it is just a chaos but universe has its beginning with respect to elementary particles and its end is also based on various kind of concept as “Thermodynamics Laws”but for space what happened or what will happen?
Only darkness left you in a world of uncertainty. No, space also has its beginning as it creates objects, matter, energy, electromagnetic waves, and everything in its creation but from where all these came from and why, is there beginning beyond somewhere else?
This is a complicated question not because space is uncertain but because space itself is a answer. In next chapter, I will discuss is there something beyond space?


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